Suspect Caught In Sexual Assault Case

Police now have a suspect in a sexual assault that happened this weekend.

Neighbors are still on edge about what happened.  The woman reported the attack on Friday afternoon, but people in the neighborhood still hadn't heard much about it.  They were shocked by the news.

Lincoln police say “At night there's a lot of people that walk here because we're real close to the sunken gardens and a lot of people like to walk there so hopefully they're more aware of the situation so they're also watching.  Very frightening especially with the high school being so close and a lot of teenage boys and girls around here all the time so it's very scary.”

Neighbor, Jonathan Korus says “One thing I have a dog and a lot of neighbors do but, yes, then they bark I'll probably pay a little more attention instead of you know, just a dog barking.  I didn't really expect something like that to happen, I mean, my girlfriend is right inside I'm not gonna let her walk out to her car by herself you know.  Definitely gonna keep a more watchful eye out.”