Sutton picks up the pieces after Sunday’s storm

By: Hannah Paczkowski

Debris lines the streets of Sutton. One home in the town of close to two thousand people is severely damaged, along with three more in a rural community a few miles north. Almost everyone is without power.

Homeowners and crews are cleaning up trees and what’s left of their businesses. Mary Robbins and her sister spent the morning assessing the damage to their family store, the Robbins Nest.

“We’re the lucky ones, we still have a roof on the Robbins Nest,” Robbins said.

Some aren’t as fortunate, about half of downtown Sutton has minimal damage, while the other half has a lot to clean up. Large metal pieces coming from City Hall wrapped around some of the buildings.

The State Fire Marshal’s Office is evaluating businesses and working to clean the streets. Gov. Dave Heineman went to Sutton to assess some of the damage.

“Clearly today we saw the extent of what that wind damage did,” he said.

By the end of Monday, the governor will make a state disaster declaration to ensure a speedy recovery for the local communities. That means that the state will take money from the emergency fund to help pay for assistance like debris management and removal. That will mean less money coming out of tax payers pockets in those communities.

Thankfully, the Robbins Nest still stands, but Patty Leininger said the damage to other businesses, like Brown’s Grocery, is still devastating.

“It’s just heartbreaking to see what’s happened to their store,” Leininger said.

The Red Cross is available for those who need it in Sutton, they’re stationed at the St. Mary’s Catholic Church.