SUV crashes into building near 60th and Havelock

By: Channel 8 Newsroom

Lincoln Fire and Rescue say a black SUV crashed into the side of a building near 60th and Havelock just after 10:30 Thursday morning.

The SUV was headed west on Havelock, and was driven by a Lincoln Northeast student.

There were four other students in the car as passengers. No one was injured.

According to the officials, the student lost control of the car while driving and crashed into a storage unit.

The storage unit belongs to the Castle Drive-In.

Officials say damage to both the building and the car are substantial.

Not tickets or citations have been issues and police do not believe alcohol was a factor.

Captain Robert Borer of Lincoln Fire and Rescue says the accident is a good lesson for young drivers.

“The message we'd like to communicate is that when you're driving with friends, to pay attention to road and take your driving seriously so nobody gets hurt.”