SUV crashes into building, sends one to hospital

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy

A SUV crashed into Laundry Land, near 27th and Starr, Sunday afternoon.

Police say three people were inside the SUV when it crashed. One woman and two toddlers, they are estimated to be about 2 and 4 years old.

The woman was transported to the hospital, she and the children have non–life threatening injures.

We spoke with two witnesses Sunday afternoon who saw the entire thing happen.

"They were starting to swerve into the right hand lane several times, that’s when he started honking my horn thinking oh maybe that will get their attention," Rachel, witness, said.

Rachel and Cody were driving south along 27th street when the SUV started to swerve in front of them.

They say, once the car appeared to be dangerous, they tried to help.

“We decided to call 911 and that’s when they hit the sign over by the police station,” Rachel, said.

That sign was picked up by the SUV blocks north of the Laundromat. Police say the car went up on the curb, hit the sign, and then dragged it into incoming traffic before crashing into the building with it.

"I didn’t want other people to get hit by this car and they were swerving quite a bit and they almost hit three cars," Rachel, said.

Thankfully no other cars were involved in the accident, and no one inside the Laundromat was injured.

Laundry Land is still open and says they do not have any plans to close.