Swift Water Rescue Training For Lincoln Fire

 Just an inch of rain could turn Lincoln culverts and streams into swift moving, dangerous waterways. Just last week water ended up trapping two Lincoln kids who had to be rescued. Because of situtations like that one, Lincoln Firefighters spent Sunday learning how to safely and quickly rescue someone from a swift moving current. The city has been working for some time to improve the flood drainage system in Lincoln, but the way it stands now…just a few inches of rain can turn local streams and ditches into raging rivers. It takes just a matter of minutes…a thunderstorm rolling through town could transform streams and ditches into a danger for your child. Just recently two Lincoln kids were playing in a culvert…the downpour of rain caused a current that simply swept them away. Firefighters spent their day training learning the latest techniques to safely get someone out of the current…and how to do it quickly. It's the first time the department has trained with a swift water rescue pro. One of the challenges the Lincoln Fire Department faces is not having an inflatable boat. In some scenerios without a boat, it is almost next to impossible to safely rescue someone from a swift current. The Fire Department is looking to possibly include a boat in next year's budget.