Symbol Causing a Stir

In just under two weeks, Lincoln's proposed smoking ban will come up for a vote before the City Council. The up-coming vote has caused a fiery debate in the Capitol City. The proposed ban would eliminate smoking in all public places including bars and restaurants. But one Lincoln man is so upset, he's created a new city symbol for Lincoln. As he see's it, it's not just about smoking in public, it's about his basic rights as a Lincoln citizen. So Gary Walker has created a the symbol, complete with a swastika inside a red star. Walker says this symbol is meant to be extreme. It's meant to draw a reaction so people realize a smoker's right to smoke might be going out of the window. On Monday, the City Council will hold it's last meeting for public input It's at 5:30 in the City Council chambers. The council will vote on the smoking ban on the 24th.