TADA Theatre presents Mid-Life: The Crisis Musical

If you're losing your hair. If you need reading glasses. If you constantly forget why you walked into the room. If a girls night out ends with getting a mammogram. If you belch and blame the dog. If your proctologist knows you better than your spouse. If you use your gut as a cup holder when watching TV. If you move out of the house before your kids. If brushing your teeth is considered a work-out. If Menopause is more than a musical. And if you pee a little when you laugh…THIS SHOW IS FOR YOU!

Mid-Life: The Crisis Musical is a little edgy, a lot of funny! Played in the style of “Saturday Night Live” and “Laugh-In”, the talented cast portrays a wide variety of characters in this comical, and at times, touching musical.  Call the box office for reservations or fill out the form below.  Performances are August 12-15, 19-22 and 26-29.

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