Take care of your animals this winter

Posted by: Pierce Georlett


Extreme cold temperatures are not only hard on us, but it’s also hard on our four legged friends.

This winter Lincoln is experiencing record low temperatures, but that doesn’t seem to slow down some pet owners from letting their pets outside for too long.

Tim Tidball, a high school English teacher here in Lincoln and dog owner, seemed not to be thrown off by this cold winter, “we’ve toughed it out yes, we’ve missed a day or two but it wasn’t so much the cold as other things going on buy I think that if you dress properly it doesn’t seem to bother Bernie at all," said Tidball.

The Capital Humane Society wants to remind pet owners in Lincoln that there are still some precautions you should take when letting your pets outside this winter.

Bob Downey, the President and CEO of the Capital Humane Society, said, “After you have taken your pet for a walk outdoors, when you get indoors just take a wash cloth that is warm and just wipe down those pads real quick to get any of that ice melt chemical off of their paws.” 

Downey also added,  “If you walk out the doors of your home and you’re immediately uncomfortable it’s going to be that way for companion animals too and they’re going to have difficulties surviving on their own if they’re left outdoors.”

The city of Lincoln has seen a 22 percent increase in impounded animals this winter compared to last winter.