Taser Gun Death

A domestic violence call to Lincoln police turned into a fatality after the suspect was shot with a taser gun.

A little after 3 AM, police received a call from a neighbor who heard screaming next door. 

Police say an officer responded to the apartment near 27th and C.

When he arrived he heard screaming and forced entry into the apartment building.

Inside he found 23 year old Gabriel Bitterman had drug his girlfriend into a back bedroom and had a knife to her throat.

Bitterman turned and faced the officer with the knife.  The officer made repeated attempts to him to get down and drop the knife, they were ignored.

At that time the officer discharged a taser.

Officials say a few minutes later Bitterman stopped breathing.  He was then taken to Bryan LGH where he was pronounced dead.

Officials are still investigating the situation, but a camera crew from the MTV show Busted was on the scene.  They did not enter the apartment.

The officer was on a wireless microphone and the incident was recorded. That audio tape was confiscated by the Lincoln Police Department.

As for the officer involved in the taser incident, his name has not been released but he was placed on administrative leave.