Tax revenue increases in Lincoln

By: Megan Palera

In addition to sales tax revenue being up, projections for the new arena tax are higher than expected. It all means people are beginning to loosen their wallets a little more.

Lincoln residents are busy browsing stores downtown, such as Embellish, but they're not buying for their friends.  Ashlie Hadden is the owner of the new clothing and accessories store. She opened it in August and says sales started good and are getting stronger, especially in the month of November.

She's not alone either. The city released new sales tax revenue numbers on Monday. For the months of July, August and September, revenue is up just over two percent from the same three months last year. It's a small amount but enough for store managers, like Rachel Nelsen at Sam and Louie's, to notice that more pizza boxes are going home at night.

As diners dig a little deeper into their wallets, they're also helping to fill up the new Haymarket Arena tax fund. The city didn't have an exact total, but it says it's already above projections.

Again, it's still a crawl and businesses know they have to take it month by month, but they like what they see and hope it will continue long after the holiday shopping season.