Tea Partiers gather in Lincoln

Hundreds of people filled the Lancaster Event Center Tuesday night.

They were all members of the Tea Party Movement and they hope their message will catch on and bring in even more supporters..

The group feels government is getting too big and is spending too much money.

Neal Christensen of Lincoln says, “I think everyone here is concerned about the direction they see the country going in.  We all have our core values that we have as Americans that we want to hang onto and we see them being threatened.”

Around 1,500 people filled into the event center.  Many say the Tea Party Movement isn't going anywhere and that it'll show at the ballot box come November.

Tom Schlueter of Seward says, “I hope that people who are not paying attention to what's going on will wake up and start paying attention to what's happening in D.C. and take it to the ballot box.”

Upon the mound of tea bags, many say there's a mound of misconceptions about the movement.  The main one being this is strictly a far right wing group.

Dick Marunda says, “I think the people here are just really concerned about the future of our country.  Whether they're conservative, liberal or independent, for people to take the time off, it says a lot.”