Tea Party movement

No matter where you turn,Tea Partiers have people talking. Several tea party candidates across the nation have been victorious.  And that's keeping the momentum going here in Nebraska. Nationally the Tea Party movement has been all the hype but here in Nebraska people are talking as well…and seeing what they can do to help the movement excel.

At least 7 Republican primaries have been won by tea party candidates.  “Don't forget the power of “we the people,”Christine O'Donnell, GOP candidate said.

Back home that gained momentum is helping the Nebraska grassroots movement. “It's very exciting to see some of the incumbent politicians taken out of office and some challengers coming in it was rather later in the primary season in Delaware for instance but that's a very hopeful sign,” Shelli Dawdy with the Nebraska Tea Party said.

Shelli Dawdy says her group believes in focusing on changes they can make here locally…starting in the legislature and then setting sites on bigger races in the future. “We've decided to focus on Nebraska that we feel we can affect more of what is going on here because it seems there's no one listening to us in Washington D.C.” Dawdy said.

As for this November…Dawdy says there is still time to make an impact.  Both in Omaha and in Lincoln there are races she's keeping her eye on. “It can still have an impact here in November if people pay attention to those candidates for legislature and the county and local level,” Dawdy said.

Another tea party rally will be held here in Lincoln on October 3rd at the Lancaster County Events Center.