Tea Party Rally

Their voices here in Nebraska are getting louder. Hundreds of tea party ralliers gathered at the Lancaster Event Center.

Republicans were there.

 “I really like the tea party movement that's going on and the values that their portraying and everything that they're saying.”

So were democrats.

 “The more I've learned about them learned what their ideals and concepts are the better I like it and that why I'm here.”

Hundreds of people filed in to the Lancaster Event Center and signed the pledge. A pledge with several messages to our government.

“No more high taxes!”

That's one of them. The tea party rallies also want to limit the governments powers. Put an end to the national health care plan and one of their biggest messages, stop government spending.

“I think reducing spending's a great thing right now with the economy the way it is we don't have the money to spend.”

Over the past few weeks the movement has proved to be a strong force with several candidates backed by tea party rallies, winning primaries around the country.

That's something area supporters hope to see here too, come November.

“I think it says its changing and people are paying more attention to what's going on and trying to take an active part in what they want their country to be like.”

“It's exciting and its good to see that so many people are willing to stand up for what they believe in.”