Tea Party To Be Held In Lincoln

The Tea Party is coming to Lincoln. A group of residents are organizing a tax day protest of government spending which could draw hundreds if not thousands of people to the Lancaster Event Center.

Over the past few months the Federal government has spent trillions of dollars as part of the stimulus package, government spending bill and several other bailouts. Now one group of citizens is saying no matter what party you are enough is enough.

It's not 1773. It's not Boston. But the Tea Party is coming to Lincoln. “This is about trying to get back to the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution which is what established our federal government and put limits on it,” Organizer Bob Bennie said.

A 787 billion dollar stimulus package, 410 billion dollar spending bill, and billions more in bailouts.

Bob Bennie tells us it's time to say no more. He's teamed up with a group of Lincoln residents to plan a Tea Party, a rally that may draw hundreds if not thousands of people to the Lancaster Event Center. Bennie tells us the goal of the protest to express opposition to the government spending he says will put future generations in debt.

Future generations, the reasons one woman is taking part in the party. “I think the United States of America is the greatest country in the world today and I want to keep it that way,”Mary Jo Bousek said.

A thought echoed by thousands of people during similar Tea Parties in more than 40 cities around the country. Now it's Lincoln's turn to send a message back to Washington.

“It's absolutely ridiculous for the government in a free country to take money from taxpayers to bailout businesses auto companies and banks with taxpayer dollars if they haven't been able to run their business properly.”

The protest will be held at the Lancaster Event Center, next Wednesday from 4-6 p-m. There are also two other similar events we want to mention. One will be this Saturday at 11 a-m at the Capitol. The other will be at the Hastings auditorium, on April 13th. .