“Team Jack” helping a little boy with cancer

By: Cole Miller

You have a chance to get on a pretty important team this football season, Team Jack.

To be on this team, all you have to do is buy a t-shirt. Not just any t-shirt, one that has a very special meaning behind it.

It's at the Downtown Husker Headquarters where we find Andy Hoffman, coming in to check out a display full of “Team Jack” t-shirts. They're named for his 6-year-old son Jack, who is currently undergoing a 60-week chemotherapy regime.

The first grader from Atkinson, Neb., is bravely fighting Pediatric Brain Cancer. “He associates all this with making life better for him and kids like him,” said Hoffman.

The whole thing started a year ago, when Nebraska senior, Rex Burkhead, heard Jack's story. From there, the rest is history. Jack spent some time on the sidelines, watching Rex, building an unbreakable bond.

“For Jack, Rex isn't so much 'Rex Burkhead the Cornhusker running back legend,' as much as he is a buddy. He considers Rex one of his best friends,” said Hoffman.

Now, with the help from his family, Rex and the Husker Radio Network, the battle is on to fight Jack's disease.

“The fact that Jack's name is on the shirt is nice and exciting, but it's even more exciting that the slogan on the shirt says, 'Fighting for a victory in the battle against Pediatric Brain Cancer.' So, that's really the exciting thing for us. There could be a lot of people in Memorial Stadium asking and talking about this illness,” said Hoffman.

The goal is to sell 10,000 shirts, all the proceeds groin to fund Pediatric Brain Cancer research. Husker fans are being asked to wear them on September 29th when Wisconsin comes to Lincoln. Forget a black out, this is a “Team Jack Out.”

“From our perspective, from our family's perspective, regardless of how many shirts we sell, it's been a huge success and it's going to be a huge success because of the fact that it's creating all of this awareness,” said Hoffman.

Team Jack t-shirts are available at any authorizes Husker apparel store for $15. They're also available online and all proceeds going to fun Pediatric Brain Cancer research.