Team Nebraska soccer brings excitement to games

Special Olympic games brings excitement at events in Lincoln.

Tuesday marked the 42nd anniversary of the Special Olympic games.  Team Nebraska soccer athletes and their fans geared up for the match against Virginia.  Working together the team was able to pull off two goals and come out on top with a win.  Team member Caleb Crippen says pulling off the “W” took a lot of hard work from him and his team.

“We were coming off a loss to Iowa so obviously we needed to go full throttle all the way just like we did with Iowa and to just keep our intensity up,” says Crippen.

The set up for such a massive week long soccer tournament took a lot of planning and a lot of volunteers.  Sports commissioner Geoff Weller says being able to help the athletes on the soccer field has been nothing but rewarding.

“It's been absolutely amazing the atmosphere around the games so far.. the passion that the athletes play with has been amazing.  The passion that the referees bring and the fans bring to the teams and the sport,” says Weller.

At the track and field events, Chairman and CEO of the games Tim Shriver was watching the activity.  His mother, Eunice, started the Special Olympics over 40 years ago.  He stopped by to cheer on the athletes and take a few pictures.

“I think the message of these games is yes we can and indeed these athletes are extraordinary leaders and we can do better- that we can be more joyful as a community.  We can be more fit healthy and we can have more fun,” says Dr. Shriver. 

If you were unable to make it out to the events today they will of course be going on for the rest of the week.  Team Nebraska's soccer team will play again Wednesday at noon.

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