Winter weather to blame for multiple accidents

By: Hannah Paczkowski

It had to be one of the scariest moments ever for the 17-year-old driver of the red pickup that once sat at the bottom of a pond.

Sunday night he slid on the roads, hit a tree and ended up in icy water near 56th and Pine Lake Road.

The tree jammed his door, but fortunately broke the window and that allowed the teen to escape the submerged vehicle. We're told he's okay.

Monday afternoon, it took awhile, but divers and other officials were able to pull the truck out.

The weekend snow continued to cause problems for drivers Monday morning. Lincoln Police reported several fender benders, but nothing too serious.

That was not the case in Seward County, Sunday night, one person was killed on I-80 near the Utica exit. The Seward's Sheriff's office said 24-year-old Anthony Morales was not wearing his seat belt at the time of the accident.

Witnesses said they saw his pickup truck spin out of control before hitting another car and then rolled over. The sheriff's office is still investigating the accident.

Slick conditions made for a tough drive on I-80 Sunday morning. Lincoln Fire and Rescue said two semi-trucks lost control near the Lincoln Airport causing other accidents. It also had the westbound side of the road closed off for more than two hours.

 “It kind of sounds like it became an ice rink and it was a domino effect. Any time there's icy, snowy conditions, just take your time, slow down,” Capt. Dan Ripley said.

Officials said two people suffered  minor injuries; one was taken to the hospital.

State Patrol reopened the interstate just before one, Sunday afternoon.