Teen Musicians Reach For Their Dreams

Some local teens are rocking out, and with the help of an after-school program, are reaching for their dreams. 

The group of kids say they want to play in bands and perform in front of hundreds of people. And now with the Academy of Rock, they're getting to do it before they even get their license to drive.

12-year-old Evan Potter and 14-year-old Conor Schlie met at the Academy of Rock. They say sports aren't for them and playing their guitars in their rooms by themselves got boring. So they started doing it together. 

All of the equipment used by the Academy of Rock is donated and real performers teach the teens how to do it.

The jam sessions run after school and on the weekends. Right now, the teens are performing in their summer session. They show off their skills in front of hundreds of people about every other week.

Anyone can sign up for the Academy of Rock. The cost is 20 dollars for two sessions, and that money goes toward the cost of playing at a club or event. Teens from 6th grade to 10th are encouraged to sign up.

If you would like more information on the Academy of Rock, you can call Jason Schmit at 613-7400.