Telegraph District moves toward phase two

The city is inching closer to the finish line to the first part of the Telegraph District.

It’s the redevelopment project for eastern downtown.

Phase one includes revamping three older buildings near 21st and L Streets.

Nelnet’s new corporate office will be one of those.

Developers are adding the finishing touches to it now.

"In terms of the interior, it’s just about done. They’re just working on computers and getting the technology hooked up. So, Nelnet should be starting to move in within a couple of months,” City Community Development Manager Wynn Hjermstad said.

Developers are working toward phase two of the project, which officially still needs approval from the city council.

It will be primarily housing near 21st and N streets.

Construction began this week preparing the area for one of the home and retail spaces.

The old Fisher Foods complex will stay and will follow a similar concept.

"That’s really going to be a signature building, when you see that. You’ll know that you’ve arrived into the Telegraph District,” Hjermstad said.

You may remember Southeast Community College was planning to have its new campus in the district.

The bond failed in the November election.

Project managers said they had to modify their plans a bit, but it didn’t have a major impact.

"It didn’t cause any interference or any interruptions with the Telegraph District. That kept moving forward,” Hjermstad said.

The city said there’s more to come of the Telegraph District, so there could be additional phases.

It’s scheduled to be completed over the next five years.