Telemarketers target cell phone users

By: Ian Hest

We've all gotten those calls from telemarketers. Did you know they can also text you and there's little you can do to stop it?

The FTC says they receive thousands of complaints a year about telemarketers. And there are options you have to make the calls stop, but when it comes to text messaging, it's a whole 'nother ball game.

Those annoying phone calls, day and night, always when you're just trying to eat dinner! Bring us to our last nerve.

“I usually just say no thanks. I'm not interested. I've just learned to just not answer the phone or if I do pick it up again just sternly say I'm not interested and you need to remove me immediately,” Katie Brodahl of Lincoln said.

Telemarketers bother us but Jerry Vap with the Nebraska Public Service Commission says you can stop the madness, just register your phone on the “No Call” list.

“I can recall getting calls from storm, windows, door companies constantly and I don't get them anymore my phones are registered,” Vap said.

It takes all of about 10 seconds! You can register your phone, including cell phones, at and once you're on the list, those calls will go silent. But being on the list won't stop text messages, which are currently still allowed to be sent in mass amounts.

“Text is not a phone call and this may be something they're going to have to address down the road,” Vap said.

If you put yourself on the no call list and you're still getting some calls, that's because you've given your number to another business such as online shopping. Those companies aren't bound by the same rules and could still give your phone number out. So Vap says always be very careful who you give your number to.