Tempers flare at Costco neighborhood meeting

Posted By: Sarah Fili


Hundreds showed up at Scott Middle School Wednesday to voice their opinions on a proposed Costco in south Lincoln.

The plan is to purchase the cornfield at 14th and Pine Lake and build a wholesale store, a gas station and more than 750 parking spots.

This was a chance for neighbors and the store chain to share concerns and ideas.

One bone of contention with neighbors is the area chosen- directly between Southwest High School and Scott Middle School. Parents say roads are already a nightmare and adding a high traffic store won’t help. They also worry about kids driving and walking home from school.

"I think we’re a really great booming economy right now and we’re a really great place for businesses to think about coming and locating but we also have to be cognizant of the fact that we are in an extremely large and growing neighborhood ion a triangle of schools an that isn’t necessarily the safety place to put a big box store,” Lana Erickson said.

Some neighbors say they’re excited for a Costco and say it could be worse!

"They have out there where they’re going to put this cornfield is a cornfield. They way this area is growing it can’t remain a cornfield Costco as it was explained is open at a certain time and closes at night. They don’t know what’s going to come in if you don’t get a Costco you could get any kind of establishment that stays open till 1 o clock 2 o clock, open all night,” Vince DiGirolamo said.

The city planning department says they’ve been working with Costco but the chain hasn’t submitted a formal rezoning plan. The retailer says they wanted to hold this meeting before taking the next step. They hope to complete construction by fall of 2017. They estimate the store will add 600 more cars an hour to the area. The plan still has to be approved by the city council.

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