Terror Plot Foiled

All domestic flights are now in the Orange Terror alert…which is the second highest level.   

Here in the Capitol city, flights have already taken off at the Lincoln Municipal Airport.    

Travelers we spoke with Thursday morning say, it's no problem.   

All flights have been boarded and left on time at The Municipal Airport Thursday Morning.

Any passenger going through securtity can not carry on any liquids or gels of any kind…   

That includes liquid make-up, hairspray, and lotions.   

Those items must be put in your suitcase that gets checked in by officials.    

Some exceptions for carry-on luggage are baby formula, or juice if you have a small child traveling with you.   

Also, if you have perscriptions with you those are okay if they match your name. 

Flights are running on time right now, in both Omaha and Lincoln

If you're traveling today, you need to be patient and flexible with all of the tightened security.