Test Scores Released for Nebraska Education

New research shows a major achievement gap among Nebraska school districts. The schools in Nebraska facing the biggest academic challenges and lowest test scores, are often times the ones with the fewest resources.

You could say it's a case of the have's and the have not's. Researcher Jerry Johnson released the findings of a study that examined Nebraska schools and test scores. What he found was lower achieving districts tended to have lower property tax bases and therefore, less funding

The research also found other socio-economic barriers common to lower test scores. Families in those districts tend to have lower household incomes, fewer adults with high school diplomas, and more students still grasping the English language. Attracting high quality teachers is the biggest fix for the achievement gap. Johnson says the solution is to add funding to all school districts in the state and not to reallocate current education funding to lower achieving schools. He adds simply re-dispersing the funds would only create more problems.

Tecumseh, Rising City, and Grand Island are just a few of the schools with lower testing scores. As for Lincoln Public Schools, they scored in the second highest achievement group