Testing results show some areas need improvement

By: Cole Miller

Test results are in and our kids are doing well in some areas but still need work in others.

2012 was the first year for a new statewide science test, and the results weren't exactly what administrators hoped to see, but they say the information can help them move forward.

Welcome to Anica Brown's 7th grade science class at Pound Middle School, where she hopes her passion for teaching can inspire her students.

“If they know that they're teacher is excited about it, maybe they get excited about it too,” said Brown.

The Nebraska Department of Education released statewide test scores for students Tuesday and in Lincoln, administrators say they aren't too pleased with how students did on a new science test.

It was given to 5th, 8th and 11th graders, 67 percent of students met or exceeded science standards, but Mrs. Brown is determined to change that by sharing her real-life work.

“I bring those ideas and those experiences back to the classroom for my kids so they can see outside the classroom what is out there for science and for them,” said Brown.

She says that it the key to beating this year's scores. “They're going to be more passionate about learning and making it fun,” said Brown.

In other areas, though, Nebraska is doing well above the national average. When it comes to reading, 74 percent met or exceeded standards. Mathematics were ate 67 percent and writing was just above 73 percent.

Mrs. Brown uses them all to make learning easier. “As a science teacher, we try to incorporate the other curriculums into our lessons so that the students can see a well-rounded piece of learning that goes into science as well,” said Brown.

For all the parents out there, local school districts will soon be sending out reports with the child's scores, that way you can see how they're doing.