Thanksgiving at the People’s City Mission

By: Cole Miller

Hundreds of Lincoln's homeless found  reason to be thankful today. Mission guest AnnMarie Shaw says, “My kids have a roof over their heads. It's not our roof, but it's a roof.”

They all have their own stories and struggles, but for everyone at the People's City Mission, they could put their worries aside with a traditional Thanksgiving feast. Thanksgiving is a day when many of us crowd around the dinner table with family and friends. For others, it's just another day; finding a way to get by. The City Mission is here to help on this holiday. AnnMarie Shaw and her 4 children call the Mission home. It's been that way for the past 2 months. Being able to provide them with a Thanksgiving meal means a lot she says, “It makes me feel good, my kids love it, they like it.”

About 500 people will spend their Thanksgiving at the Mission. For 17-year-old volunteer Sheila Hubbard, she calls them all her family, “This is our Thanksgiving dinner. We don't do another family one. This is our family and we're here.” A dinner with everything from the turkey to the pies, but it's not all easy for some. Ron Thyberg lives alone, homeless. He's called the woods home for the last 2 years. We asked him, does it ever get hard to bring yourself in here and ask for help? Thyberg says, “Yeah. They tell me, 'no, come in!' they go, 'you're too old, shouldn't be out there.” Despite this, Thyberg stays incredibly humble and positive. Something Pastor Tom Barber says makes all the difference. “I just tell people, hang in there. There are a lot of resources available to you; a lot of people who are very generous in our community and want to help. Take it day by day and there are better days ahead,” Barber added.