Thanksgiving travel is up this year

By: Dan Messineo

If you’re planning on traveling this week for the Thanksgiving holiday, you’re not alone.  AAA projects millions of Americans will be spending “Turkey Day” away from home. 

Marilyn Muir of AAA said holiday travel has been steadily increasing since a 10 year low in 2008.  “The forth year in a row that we have seen an increase in Thanksgiving travel and this is Thanksgiving travel from families traveling more than 50 miles away from home,” Muir said.       

More than 43 million Americans will spend Thanksgiving at someone else’s dinner table this year, which is a small increase over last year.  AAA says out of those, 90% or 39 million Americans will get to their holiday destination by car.  

Since early October, the nation’s seen a steady drop in gas prices.  AAA says this could be the reason for the large numbers of Americans choosing their cars over flying this season.  “I think this is playing a great part in people traveling by auto.  The other thing is airline prices right now actually has taken an increase,” Muir said.  AAA reports that flying to your turkey dinner this year will cost you.  Airline tickets have gone up over the past couple months, anywhere from $100 to $150 per ticket. 

No matter how you get to your destination, for millions of Americans, jumping into a busy travel week is worth it.  “I think it’s just people wanting to get away, wanting to spend time with family.  Again, like I said you know since gas prices come down a little bit this year, they’re thinking it’s a little bit more affordable.  So, let’s go see grandma and grandpa,” Muir said. 

If you’re hitting the highways or interstate this week, AAA wants to remind motorists to buckle up and be aware of other people on the road.