The Bully Project Comes To Lincoln Theatres

By:  Cole Miller

It's a problem that will affect more than 13 million children this year, bullying.

Now, a new documentary is being shown here in Lincoln, hoping to inspire our local kids to step up against bullying.

These are the real stories of bullying, happening all across America and it's this documentary called “Bully” that hopes to change how people view it.

Today, more than 300 students and parents packed a theater at the Grand downtown to see it.  Dr Susan Swearer says it carries a powerful message…”I think one of the take home messages of the movie is using youth for empowering change,” Dr. Swearer says.

And it sounds like the message is catching on.  Avary Pansing Brooks is a freshman at Southeast high school.  Where she helped start “The Anti Bullying Team”…”it was like, you know what, I really need to take a stand and do something about this because it's time that everyone is treated equally,” Brooks says.

She's seen bullying in her school.  And her fellow classmates know how hard it can be…”it hurts other kids and they sometimes don't realize that it really hurts,” Morgan Graham says.

So they're following the lead of programs like “Stand For The Silent,” a movement started by Kirk and Laura Smalley, who lost their son at just 11–years–old to suicide.  He had been bullied for more than 2 years.

Kirk Smalley with Stand Up for the Silent yes, “A month and 7 days after Ty took his life, it was father's day. I made him a promise that day. I promised him that I was going to stop bullying in this world and I don't break promises to my baby.”

Now they hope the movie can touch lives all over the world.