The Channel 8 Eyewitness News Healthy Families

Thanks to all who entered their family to be considered for the Channel 8 Eyewitness News Healthy Family sponsored by BryanLGH and Time Warner Cable.  The two families chosen by the judges were the Henderson family and the Thompson family, both from Lincoln.

The Henderson Family
Dale Henderson and his son, age 12
Dale is in his fifties and wants to start taking better care of himself so he can be around for his son.  Dale says that although his son is skin and bones, he needs to learn healthy ways for when he gets older and his metabolism slows down.

The Thompson Family
Nicci Thompson, husband and two children ages 6 and 3
Nicci says that she and her husband have battled their weight for years.  Being a busy family, it's hard to eat healthy.  They have tried to educate their kids on healthy eating, but outside forces sabotage their efforts. 

You can follow the Henderson and Thompson family as they get tips to live a health life by watching the videos located at the upper right of this page.  You can also get health information by clicking here or click back on your browser.