The City May Bring In Third Party To Delegate Time Warner Cable Issues

Mayor Chris Beutler announced Thursday he wants a thrid party mediator to help solve issues between the city and Time Warner Cable. The mayor says when the Cable Advisory Board began their investigation into Time Warner's navigator, trust may have been broken between the city and the cable company.

He say's it's time to reconcile and work together, “I propose that the city appoint a representative. Time warner appoint a representative and that those two negotiators seek a neutral party.” 

“We just don't feel like third party arbitration is really the route. We feel that our president and the major or someone from his staff can really talk about the issue,”says Anne Strewsbury of Time Warner Cable

Thursday afternoon Channel proposed this idea to Beutler, who said he's open to any idea of discussion. Time Warner Cable sent the mayor's office an email to set up a one on one meeting. They tell us they have yet to hear a response.