The Indian Center receives $862k public health care grant

by. Marlenia Thornton

The Indian Center and a group of non–profits received a large public health grant to help increase access to healthcare for minorities.

It is receiving $862,000  to help improve health for minorities in Lincoln.

The grant comes from the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services.

It has usually gone to the county in the past, but the director of the center had a new plan of pursuing the grant this year.

“It’s my feeling that the cultural center coalition and the minority based agencies should join forces to go after the grant,” Indian Center Executive Director Clyde Tyndall said.

The money will target heart disease, diabetes and obesity in the minority community.

According to the American Heart Association, heart–related illness affects that population at a higher rate.

The association also says minorities are less unlikely to have health insurance and access to health care. Those involved with the grant are working to close those gaps.

“We act as the people to be able to put that bridge between there so they can be able to access those needs,” Tom Randa said. He serves as the executive director for the good neighbor center.

The grant is divided around five community agencies including the Good Neighbor Center and Malone Center. 

The Indian center is the lead agency in the coalition.

They said the partnership is good for future community development endeavors.

“So this is just a spring board to launch us into those other areas,” Tyndall said.

The grant is for two years.

At that time, they can reapply.

The coalition of agencies also plan to use the money to give free dental services.