The Lancaster County Super Fair kicks off

Posted By: Jason Taylor

LINCOLN, Neb. Today was opening day of the Lancaster County Super Fair. They’re celebrating their 15th anniversary at the Lancaster Event Center.

The fair county commissioner, managing director, and board president volunteered to raise money for the fair. To celebrate the money they raised they either had to kiss a pig, wash a chicken or shear a sheep.

"Just to draw attention to the fact that Lincoln and the Lancaster County is an ag economy. And a lot of people really don’t realize it that, what an important role ag plays." Said Trudy Pedley, Super Fair Coordinator

The money from this fundraiser is to support the super fair and all of the activities, which are free to the public. Several farm animals are here for the 4–H show and many people can see them from now through Sunday.

"Throughout the week we will have various animal shows like the tiger show on Monday, a beef show on Wednesday and so forth. So if they want to see a lot of animals they should come before Sunday." Pedley said

Isaac and Cashell Martin are brothers from Firth who have raised Road Island Red chickens to show at the fair.

"It’s fun raising animals I really enjoy being around the animals and seeing them grow up and taking care of them, it’s really enjoyable… We’ll your ranked by ribbons, purple is the best, white is the worse." Said Issac & Cashell Martin, 17 & 14 year old Brothers

In addition to the animals they will have local bands playing country and rock at night and even some new rides at the carnival.

"One of them is called the Euro bungee. Later in the week we will have zip line, which is new. We will have helicopter rides coming.” Pedley said

Other attractions will include a car show and other motor sport activities.

Here’s a link to the fair’s website: