The Legislative Session Began Wednesday

With the new Legislative Session, Senators now face a budget shortfall of more than 2-hundred-million dollars. They have only sixty days compared to ninety. So, senators will have to work fast to resolve some very sensitive issues.

Senators started the session off by introducing eighty-one bills. That's on top tof the 3-hundred-and-thirty-one left over from last year. There's a lot on the agenda. But, some senators say the worst is over. Here's some of the issues carried over from last year: Changing the electric chair to lethal injection, casino gambling, and cloning. Senators also face new challenges. One of the biggest is a bill that would close three regional mental health centers.. And relocate them to Omaha.

The Governor will release his budget on January 15th. The forecasting board will release its on February 15th. The senators won't start debating bills until next week.