The Nebraska State Patrol Is Starting A New Campaign

We've all seen emergency vehicles on the roads. The people who drive these vehicles put their lives at risk everyday to protect us, and now they're asking you to help them. Through their new campaign, the Nebraska State Patrol is trying to educate the public to “Move Over” for emergency vehicles. Tom Nesbitt says 13 percent of officers killed in the line of duty are killed during traffic stops or pursuits. Many more are involved in near misses. Last year, ten troopers were injured in accidents. Trooper Tatum Knight has experienced one of these accidents first hand and thinks about it every time he makes a stop. Knight said, “the reality of knowing vehicles are coming and you're gonna be involved in a collision not knowing what the outcome is gonna be, it's overwhelming.” You will start to see billboards and public service announcements as part of the “Move Over Campaign.”