The University of Nebraska Will Pay Students’ Tuition

 By: Sabrina Ahmed

Having trouble paying for college? You're not alone. More than half of students across the University of Nebraska campuses need financial aid.

The University of Nebraska gives free tuition to those who qualify, and they're trying to spread the word.

As the price of college keeps climbing, it's becoming harder and harder to pay for school. In–state tuition at the University of Nebraska can be almost $6,500, depending on the campus.

But Nebraska's trying to make it easier on students with the College

“I'm so grateful for a program like college bound Nebraska, without it, my family and I would be facing really difficult financial burdens,” Sophomore Sandy Ngo said.

Sandy Ngo is a sophomore at UNL. Her parents moved to Lincoln from Vietnam so their kids could have better access to education than they did. As a first generation college student, Sandy says she wouldn't have made it without the university's program, and it gave her a reason to do better during high school.

“To have that motivation to know that, If you would hard, in the end your school is paid for.  I think there's no more motivating factor than that,” she said.

In order to qualify, students just have to be eligible for Pell Grants and be admitted into the university.  They also have to maintain a GPA of 2.5.

“You fill out the FAFSA, we review the FAFSA and if you're eligible for college bound Nebraska, you get it automatically.  There's no other process involved,” President Milliken said Monday.

This is the eighth year of College Bound Nebraska, serving 6,600 students. That's up 7 percent from last year.

The Governor and President Milliken both said, if this helps get people thinking about college and possibly improving the education quality in Nebraska, that's all they can ask for.

For more information about College Bound Nebraska, visit their web site.