The Wahoo community comes together for woman battling cancer

 Posted by: Marlenia Thornton

The Wahoo community and neighboring areas rallied together at Lake Wanahoo Sunday morning to support one its own.

They came together for a 5k color run all in honor of  Wahoo native Kim Brigham, who is battling brain cancer.

“It’s just incredible. I couldn’t believe that there would be 450 people and more here. It’s really, really nice,” Kim Brigham said.

The First Presbyterian Church high school youth group organized the race.

“Kim’s Kolor Run” was one of many fundraisers that they’ve done to support the group’s beloved art teacher and track coach.

So far, the students have raised about $15,000 help the Brigham family, which they say is just a little to give back to woman that means the world to them.

“She’s a part of everyone’s family. She is a big a deal to all of us. She was just there for everyone and now it’s our turn to be there for her and her family,” Youth Group Member Kristen Tomjack said.

Kim was diagnosed with cancer back in January.

Her loved ones said she hasn’t shed a tear during this whole experience.

She just completed the her last treatment of chemo for this cycle this past Friday.

She didn’t let fatigue or nausea stop her from sprinting toward the finish line two days later, which her husband said is just an example of her strength.

“That’s just truly a testament of who is she and what she’s all about. She never let things bother her too much and she certainly isn’t going to let this get her down either,” Husband Rob Brigham said.

Kim and her family said the community’s support is overwhelming and just the fuel she needs to fight the good fight and finish the race.

“It just keeps you going… Knowing that everyone is praying for you and supporting you. It just means the world,” Kim said.

If you’d like to support the Brigham family, please contact first Presbyterian church of Wahoo at 402-443-4220.