Thief Steals Veggies From Community Gardens

Some local refugees are trying to stop a thief. Many of the families have come together to work on gardens, trying to help bring food to their tables. But, just recently, they've found many of the plants they've worked so hard to grow are now missing.

Lincoln has four community gardens and signs are now being put up to turn the thieves away. As you can see on the signs, the gardens say they are a part of the community. But, that doesn't mean the vegetables are up for grabs. The garden is not for the public. It's for the refugees to feed their families. The refugees would like to plant again for next year. But, they may be forced to change the curb appeal. They may be forced to put up a fence. Last year all of the seeds were donated to start the garden. This year they are hoping to keep enough seeds from the vegetables to re-plant. But, if the thieves keep striking, that may be a problem.