Thieves target quiet Northeast Lincoln neighborhoods

By: Megan Palera

It's easy, lock it up! You may think it won't happen in your neighborhood, but police say there's no guarantee and it's not worth the risk.

Friends were shook up by the latest news of thieves targeting their quiet neighborhood. “It really shocks me. I did not know about it and I haven't seen anybody around. I haven't heard of any problems in the neighborhood,” said Jayne Beer.

But there are problems, big ones. Lincoln police say in the past two weeks, there have been 12 home burglaries in the Northeast. The majority of it happening between 48th and 56th streets, from Vine to Adams.

Most people don't think a burglary would happen in broad daylight, but police say it's prime time. So, they're asking everyone to do three things: close and lock your front and back doors, shut and secure your windows and if you have an overhead garage, make sure that it is secure and closed as well.

Words of advice this group is not taking lightly. “This neighborhood does a good job or watching for people who don't belong and so I think that there is a lot of people already watching,” Beer said.

The thieves are taking small, convenient items like iPods and cash. Right now, police have no suspects so they're asking everyone to be extra cautious right now.