Third grade Lincoln students prepare for college

Posted By: Nolan Crane

Students at Elliott Elementary School are learning about the importance of a college education. The third graders learned what to expect when choosing the right school. Here’s Monday, March 30ths “Excellence in Education” report.

During the month of April these students will take the Nebraska state test. In order to help them understand the importance of doing well their teachers had them research colleges and write letters to find out what it takes to get accepted. Students not only heard back, they also received shirts, backpacks and other cool items from the college they hope to attend.

“I want to go to Union College because they have cooking classes and I really love cooking, so when I grow up I want to be a chef,” says Sylvia Niedner.

“When I heard back from UNL it just felt great to know that there were some people out there to help make education more valuable to other people,” says Davien Dobbins.

“Sometimes it seems like their goal is so far away, but really everyday what they’re doing is building up to this goal of going to college and having a successful career,” says Theresa Haack.

Students applied to MIT, UCLA, Chicago University and UNL. While they’re taking the test they can wear and use their special gifts.