Thousands of students move in at UNL

Posted By: Brent BonFleur

Nearly 3,000 students moved into their new dorms at UNL Thursday, each getting their first look at their home for the next four years.

Hundreds of parents saying their last goodbyes until their son or daughter makes that first trip home.

That may be a while for Kathy Bourque.

Her daughter, Jacqueline, is a freshman, attending UNL all the way from Florida.

Other than the distance, Bourque says she’s got no complaints about her daughter’s choice to go to school at Nebraska.

"We took a visit here and it felt like home," she said.

"The big city feel, the small town atmosphere all in one – and it was like a perfect combination for her."

Good thing, too – because with so many people on campus, there’s not much time for sappy ‘so-longs.’

Just ask student worker Abbey Bessmer.

"We’ve had to take a couple pictures for some parents that wanted pictures of their kids on their move in day, but, other than that, no, it’s been pretty good," Bessmer said.

Bessmer is just one of hundreds of students the University employs to keep up with the mayhem.

In total, more than 1,000 staff members are on hand to help keep things running smoothly.

Associate Director of Residence Life, Keith Zaborowski, has been helping with move-in days at UNL for more than a decade.

He says with so many people on campus, parking becomes a major issue.

"We need people to be courteous and careful about getting in and only spending 20–30 minutes unloading their cars so that the next group of people can get in," Zaborowski said.

Even amidst all the chaos, he says it’s still a lot of fun to see all the new faces each year.

"We’ve got students who are showing up – they’re excited to be here, their parents are both excited and probably a little sad that their student is coming because now they’re not going to have their student at home…. But it’s just really exciting for our staff to get to know the students."

You can find more information on UNL’s move-in days by clicking the link below.