Three more bills pushed through the Legislature today

By: Kelly Sommariva

State lawmakers have had a busy session so far and they pushed through three more bills today.

Now the bills just need Governor Heineman's signature to become law, but it's likely he'll veto two of them.

As the legislative session winds down, state lawmaker's to-do lists are stacking up. “This has been different than the last few years because we literally ran out of time. There are things we just aren't going to get to,” said Senator Scott Lautenbaugh.

There is plenty state senators have gotten to. Lawmakers approved a $97 million dollar tax cut plan for the next three years. That's over $200 million less than the Governor's original proposal.

If he signs it, your income tax could go down a bit. But the sales tax you pay could be going up.

A bill to allow cities to increase their rates up to a half-percent still needs Governor Heineman's approval and yours. The bill only allows cities to put it to a taxpayer vote. The Governor has said he will veto that potential hike. THe bill passed on a vote of 30 to 15 and 30 votes are needed to override his veto.

A bill to allow betting on old horse races passed final approval. “The opposition argued it was expanded gambling and they don't want any kind of expanded gambling but I just see this as another form of wagering on horse racing which our constitution clearly allows,” said Senator Lautenbaugh.

Supporters said it would bring more jobs to the state and they're taking a gamble on whether the Governor will pass it. The Legislature is on Easter break until Tuesday when they will resume final debate on several other important bills including pipeline legislation and limiting the amount of lawsuits prisoners can file.