Thrift shop gives back to tornado victims

By: Bill Schammert

As the total now stands at 14 confirmed tornados and more than $20 million in damage, it’s obvious help after Sunday’s storms will be needed for a while. But, it’s not only volunteers victims need, but everyday supplies as well.

A thrift store in Crete is hoping to fill that void.

“I just can’t image losing everything,” Amy Schwisow said. “And I knew we could help out.”

Schwisow manages New Beginnings Thrift Store off Main Ave., in Crete. She was affected by the Hallam tornado a decade ago, and says now, it’s her turn to help out.

“They can make arrangements, or just stop in and we’d be glad to help,” she said. “It’ll be free of charge and they can take whatever they need.”

Already they’ve had a victim take all of the bedding they had available and helped another with kid’s clothes. Schwisow says she simply can’t imagine losing everything and is in need of more supplies to give away.

Some of the items needed include: sheets, blankets, bedding, couches, chairs, mattresses, men’s and women’s clothing, and children’s toys.

She says anybody willing to help can drop supplies off during normal business hours from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or call and make special arrangements. The phone number is (402) 826-2332.