Tight-knit coaching staff earns Husker player trust


Junior Linebacker Collin Miller says Nebraska football’s tight-knit coaching staff has earned the trust of Husker players. WATCH:

“I definitely think our culture has been upgraded a lot. Had a lot of guys come in, but they adapted real well. I think it’s a family culture. Coaches have an open door policy where you can come right in and talk to them.They bring their families around, they bring their kids around. Everything like that. I think if you can trust your coaches, trust your players and have that family bond relationship, I think your team’s going to be awesome because you trust one another. You love one another. You don’t just say it, you actually mean it. I think the difference from last year and everything like that to this year is basically, I think it’s a truthful family. I think we don’t just preach that, I think we actually mean it,” Miller said. “I’ve never seen a coaching staff like this before where you’ve got the D-line coach talking to a wide receiver coach that they love each other and everything. I think everybody’s real close, and I think the players can see that and the players feed off of it.”