Time running out for CoOportunity policyholders

Posted By: Jenn Schanz

Nearly 30,000 Nebraskans need a new healthcare provider; that’s how many still have coverage with CoOportunity Health out of the Iowa.

The company is liquidating at the end of February and will no longer be issuing new policies.

“If you have CoOportunity you still have the option during open enrollment to change your plan,” says Pam Smith of Community Action. She helps walk people through the enrollment process. 

Open enrollment goes through Feb. 15th.

It you don’t change from you CoOportunity plan by then….

“You may not be eligible for your tax credits any longer. Which means you would most likely need to pay full price,” Smith says.

Without switching, your plan will be transferred over to the Nebraska Life & Health Insurance Guaranty Association.

They’re temporarily funding CoOportunity while it liquidates; you’ll have the same basic benefits, but your coverage will be limited.

After March 1st, you’ll get a cancellation notice.

After that, individuals will have 180 days to find a new plan. Businesses will have 30–40 days.

If you still don’t make the switch, you risk penalties from the IRS for being uninsured.

Channel 8 received some feedback from policy holders on Facebook.

One person says “I  found a different policy with Coventry, same benefits, even cheaper!”

Another says “I  had an accident so I met the deductible, but will have to start over again. The new plan is much more money and I was cheated.”

“I have had a good number of people come in that are switching from CoOportunity. I’ve had a lot of phone calls with people asking how to change,” says Smith. 

So how can you change plans?

Smith says for those who are tech savvy, it’s easiest done online via healthcare.gov. It generally takes about an hour.

You can also do it over the phone; wait time ranges from 5–25 minutes.

For help switch policies over the phone, call 1-855-889-4325.

Community Action is booked for one on one appointments, but can still help walk people through switching online. Call 402-471-4515

If you have questions about your options, visit these links: http://www.doi.nebraska.gov/index.html