Tips To Stay Safe During Dust Storms

It's the time of year when dry conditions, loose topsoil and high winds can quickly become a deadly combination. That was the case thursday near north platte, when three people were killed in a eight-car pile up caused by a dust storm. Seargent Hagemeyer from the Nebraska State Patrol says the interstate is so vulnerable to dust storms because there aren't windblocks. Just open fields with dry soil that can easily be swept across the road. She says one of the best things you can do is stay off the interstate and stick to the highways when winds are strong. But if you do have to be on the interstate, make sure so scan far ahead of your car so you have plenty of time to react. And if you do find yourself in a dust storm, don't stop. Because chances are good the car behind you won't. Use the tail lights of the car ahead of you or the white line in the road to guide you.