Todd Baker Pleads Guilty To Murder

A man already serving a life sentence could soon be facing another.

Todd Baker plead guilty to First degree Murder charges today in the death of Melissa Schmidt.

In December, Todd Baker was found guilty of killing Anne True, a homeless woman who was murdered in 1996.

Now, the Lancaster County Attorney's office believes Baker is also responsible for the death of 15-year-old Melissa Schmidt over 12 years ago.

Baker heard the new charges filed against him on Monday.

And as we first reported earlier Monday and as it lays out in these court documents Baker was charged with first degree murder.

It was a case that went cold in hurry, no body, and no suspect.

15-year-old Melissa Schmidt had vanished in 1995…

But after 12 years of deadends, local authorities finally got the tip they were looking for, a tip big enough that they believed it would solve this murder mystery.

That suspect is Todd Baker… and that other case was the murder of Anne True.

Authorities say the 38-year-old True a homeless woman was murdered in Lincoln back in 1996 and just last December Baker was found guilty of killing her.

After a multi-agency investigation, authorities announced that that body was Melissa Schmidt.

And the person they say was responsible is 44-year-old Todd Baker.