Toddler In Critical Condition After Being Hit And Dragged By Car

By: Newsroom

Police say the 22-month-old girl was accidentally backed over by her mother's vehicle Wednesday night.

Police say the accident happened around 6:30 Wednesday night on 71st and South Eldora Lane near 70th and Vine.

Captain Jason Stille says the mother, 39-year-old Jami Marcano was backing her vehicle out of the driveway, taking her son to a baseball game.  Stille says the Marcano believed her 22-month-old daughter, Aubree Cummins, was in the car.  She accidentally hit her daughter and dragged her 20-feet.  Police say the young girl was trapped under the vehicle.

Police say once Marcano realized what had happened,  she put Aubree in the car and rushed her to Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center nearby.  Police say she had severe head injuries and possibly other internal injuries. Shortly after arriving at Saint E's the girl was transported to BryanLGH West.  At around ten Wednesday night she was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Omaha.