Toilet Paper Jail

Posted By: Nolan Crane

 The principal at St. Peter’s Catholic School paid the price for teaching students the importance of giving. If they collected enough toilet paper to build a jail she promised she would spend the day as an inmate. Here’s tonight’s edition of “Excellence in Education” report.

All of this toilet paper will be given to Catholic Services to help organizations including the Food Bank. With more than 6,000 rolls collected, classmates laid a foundation for the prison. Principal Sister Mary Michael lived up to her promise. With a ball and chain in hand, she spent the day in this jail.

The students who participated say Sister Michael is laying a good foundation herself, teaching them the importance of serving those in need.

“The importance of giving back is one of the biggest achievements here at the school,” says Ashley Beckman.

“Helping people is a really big thing in Lincoln and we may not see it everywhere but there are quit a few people that don’t have this kind of a thing. They don’t have homes, they don’t have a roof over their head and some don’t have beds, so it’s nice to do something,” says Alex Wagner.

“Giving needs to become a way of life and so through things like this which we do regularly we’re happy that the children will just make giving a part of their life,” says Sister Mary Michael.

The students say they enjoyed visiting the jail and seeing Sister Michael inside. They say her added motivation helped them collect so many rolls.