Tom Osborne Weighs In On Scott Frost Hire

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News

Scott Frost held his first official press conference as the new head coach of the Huskers this afternoon. Former Husker coach Tom Osborne has some thoughts about his former stand out quarterback assuming the role he once held.

“Well I was hopeful that it would happen. Naturally when you have a coach here, you don’t want to be talking about that but when the thing played it’s self out and it became obvious a change was going to happen. I felt that Scott was the obvious choice, hands down,” Osborne.

During his introductory press conference, Frost made it clear that he wanted to strengthen the walk-on tradition and try to emulate what it once was. Frost said that he will try to instill toughness, dedication and work ethic. He hopes that the state of Nebraska will unify behind this team.

“The big thing, he’s been here he’s kind of lived the culture. And for a period of 42 years we had more success than any other program and there were some reasons for that happening. And I think unless you’ve been here, done that, lived it. It’s hard to explain to people. So he knows that, and that’s important,” said Osborne.

Osborne was glad to see Frost get this opportunity, but he knows that creating a culture of success doesn’t happen over night.

“It may take some time and that’s the thing that people have to understand is that, it isn’t a quick and easy deal. So I think that the administration is committed to him for the long term and that’s a good thing and I hope the fan will do the same,” said Osborne.

While cautioning the fan base to expect growing pains, Osborne was still very confident that Frost will move this program in the right direction when it’s all said and done.

“I am very confident over the long haul he will wear well, he will say the right thing, he’ll do the right thing. He’ll treat those player right, he’ll care about those players. And it will work out very well, said Osborne.