Tony Tuioti drawn to Nebraska by the program’s prestige

Tony Tuioti didn’t hesitate as to what drew him to Nebraska after a coaching career virtually all on the West Coast. 

“Nebraska football,” he said. “Having the opportunity to win a Big Ten championship and a national championship. 

“The man that’s in charge of this program, he’s won every where he’s been. And I know when he gets everyone in the rights seats in the bus, and everyone in the right direction there’s no doubt we can win championships here.”

Tuioti is the Huskers new defensive line coach, replacing Mike Dawson. He is also the first change to Scott Frost’s coaching staff in two seasons. 

But Tuioti is ok with that.

“I told them I’m the young guy,” Tuioti said. “Whatever they need. Coffee, donuts. I’ve got it.”

Tuioti also said he has a secret weapon with how to bond with his new defensive line group. 

“You guys know that they best way to go connect with people is to go eat,” Tuioti said with a smirk Tuesday. “Anytime you can break bread with somebody, you’re going to make instant connections and instant friends.”

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