Tornado destroys horse farm near Goehner

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Within 24 hours, Curt and Angie Eberspacher and their three daughters saw blue skies turn gray as a tornado ripped through their neighborhood, just south of Goehner.

“We just sat there in our storm shelter and cried,” Angie said. “And prayed and prayed and prayed for God to protect us and our families.”

 That was the only thing the family could do as they watched with blind eyes.

“We did not see the tornado at all,” Curt said. “We could hear the change in air pressure, and all the girls’ ears popped.”

The aftermath of the tornado left the family’s entire horse farm in pieces, killing two of their horses. Four others are at the vet with broken legs.

The couple and their girls have been showing horses for years, and have spent countless hours at their farm.

Now, they’re left cleaning up what remains. 

From family to friends, a number of people came to help Curt and Angie with the cleanup. They said having all of them there helps get them through.

“The family and friends have been as overwhelmingly supportive as the damage is here,” Angie said.

“That can all be replaced,” Curt added. “But our family was safe and that was the most important part.”